4 Apps For Horses

Equine technology is developing at a fast pace and apps are being created to cover a wide range of issues from horse health to rider training. These apps are allowing owners to constantly be aware of their horse’s health and fitness levels that will in turn ensure their animal stays healthy and the vet visits stay low. In this list we have found 4 apps that are ideal for horse owners, riders, and fans of equine sport.


There is no greater priority for a horse owner than the welfare of their animals. NIGHTWATCH is a special halter that has embedded technology to send alerts and information to the owner’s phone or computer. According to the NIGHTWATCH official site, the product “monitors real-time data on your horse’s vital signs and behaviours, works across cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offers GPS tracking, and adapts to your horse over time as the system learns their unique and normal patterns.” The app works both as a performance checker and health monitor giving owners a detail rundown of their horse’s wellbeing and helping prevent serious disease or injury. The GPS feature ensures that the owner knows where the horse is at all times and the app can also relate to the owner if the horse is standing up or lying down.

Pocket Stable

Ensuring that horses are well looked after requires a lot of organisation. During the year horses will need visits from vets and farriers, while also building up a healthy stack of paperwork. Apps such as Pocket Stable allow users to create a profile for multiple horses and stores all the information about the animals in one location. This is ideal for when horses become ill as the owner and vet will have all the information quick to hand.

Horse Tracker

Horse racing is a huge industry and companies are using developments in app technology to provide a more interactive service to their customers. The Grand National is one of the biggest racing events in the world that garner a worldwide audience. The need for fans to reference content online such as the Grand National Runner by Runner Guide provided by horse racing experts Betfair has never been more in demand leading up to the race. While most fans will watch the race either live at the racecourse or on TV, there will be many fans who will want to keep up-to-date online. Channel 4 created a Horse Tracker app that allowed fans to follow each race and access detailed data on the speed of the horses and distances between the racers.

I Rock n Ride

The app is labelled on the official I Rock n Ride site as “the world’s first smartphone integrated mini speaker designed exclusively to attach to most saddles for all styles of horseback riding.” Riders can use the app to listen to training tips, use it as a timer, or even just listen to some tunes while out riding. The speaker and app also works as a hands-free set and riders can use it to receive or send calls using Siri or Android voice prompts. The app is ideal for novice riders or those out riding alone.

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