Event Technology

myseat Event Technology

Booking a Seat

  • Event attendees simply enter their name or ticket ID to view the seating floor plan
  • Attendees can enhance their networking by searching by name or organisation before selecting a seat
  • Selecting a table displays a list of reserved and available seats along with the name of all reserved attendees
  • Table selection can be changed by attendees 24/7

Table Management

With myseat™ you have access to your own online table management portal where you manage the following

  • View a table reservation list where you can manage event attendees, individually or via a data import
  • View tables that are available and reserved and alter their status to suit the needs of your event
  • Set Seat Limits per table (generally 10-12)
  • Open or Close Reservations (opening allows users to book a table)
  • Download a csv file of all bookings for ease of management during the event


myseat™ has been developed as a mobile responsive, web-based, stand-alone portal that can easily be integrated into any event app.

myseat Event Technology


myseat™ Event Technology provides your attendees with the ability to manage their seat at your next social function while you take control of the entire floor.

Using a mobile compatible booking system gives event attendees the freedom to reserve a seat at a social function whenever and wherever they would like without having to involve you.

myseat™ not only let’s attendees reserve a seat and change their booking, it also has a table management component allowing you to keep track of the entire floor.

View current reservations, assign VIP guests to specific tables and export the reservation data for better management of the event.

myseat Event Technology
Event Technology iBEACON MESSAGING


Drive traffic or fill booths using our event apps and one of our iBeacon gamification solutions. This can be set up as a sponsorship opportunity or a service that gets attendees on the move while having fun along the way.


This solution allows every exhibitor to market their individual booth and can also be used by event organizers to message attendees. iBeacons are directly deployed to exhibitors and organizers with the ability to set up messages for our event app users. Messages can be pushed to attendees based on selected user profiles or to all attendees.

Indoor Location

Beacon technology will provide our event app users their location directly on the interactive floor map within the mobile app.

Lead Generation

Beacon technology is an insightful tool for exhibitors to better evaluate booth traffic and ROI. This solution provides exhibitors with a beacon in their booth to determine: attendee counts by hour/day, attendee presence by zone, and dwell times on expo floor by day. More specifically, exhibitors will know attendee frequency, which attendees visited their booth, and who stayed the longest!


iBeacon provides amazing target market messaging and analytics for your event.

From the exhibit hall to education sessions rooms, our analytics provide attendee traffic reporting with heat maps, graphs and charts. Easy to set up and more cost effective then RFID, this Beacon solution will provide measurable knowledge about an event.

Through our industry partners we are the first software provider to ship iBeacon technology for alerts and analytics in the tradeshow industry and continue to be innovators in this field.


Event Technology iBEACON MESSAGING

Geo Fence Messaging

Geo-fencing (geofencing) is a feature of our event apps that uses the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.

A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. A geo-fence could be dynamically generated—as in a radius around a venue or point location.

Incorporating geo-fencing into our apps allow event managers to set up triggers so when a device enters (or exits) the defined boundaries, an alert message is sent.

Our geo-fencing application allows you to define boundaries on top of a specific geographical area.

The technology has many practical uses. Create alerts to welcome attendees as they arrive at airports, hotels and the event venue or send targeted messages to attendees based on their unique profile information.

Event Technology ePOSTERS


Innovative 'e-Experience' solution for your posters

What is it? 

Posters play a major part in any research and teaching summit and professional event, providing a great way to expose colleagues to the latest research findings and progress in their specialty field. They encourage knowledge-sharing and promote each other to innovate and reach new discoveries. But this important interaction is limited to a short and excessively packed event. 

Why use it?

A key advantage of using the e-Poster platform via our event apps is the ability to view all posters electronically via mobile devices, LCD screens and kiosks. Presenters can present to an audience in front of LCD screens or e-Posters can be stand-alone in order to allow participants to search, rate and comment on posters of their choice. This leads to the development of informative discussions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge across the board.

And on-site?

ePosters can be a complementary solution to the “old-school” approach of printed posters but with the cost of printing spiraling upwards compared to continually cost reduction in technology alternatives the trend is go digital. 


Technology combined with social change has caused a revolution in the way we plan, execute and participate in meetings and events. It has also caused a great deal of confusion for event planners and participants alike. We are constantly faced with the challenge of deciding what technology to use, where to use it and how to maximise the benefits of its use. In addition to this we are also faced with a larger challenge which is understanding how the future generations will want to participate in events, how they will want to use technology and how we can embrace this social change and add value to every attendee, before, during and after the event.

While these may be our greatest challenges; they are also our greatest opportunities and this is where our consulting service can assist you.

Our promise to our clients is to research, review and deliver the most cutting edge mobile and cloud based event technologies. Our mission is to connect participants at your events. Being able to deliver the world’s most innovative technologies as part of our solutions is integral to our promise and our mission.

We have formed strong relationships with the world’s leading event technology vendors in order to deliver mobile event apps, association apps, live polling, Q&A, digital posters, abstracts, document submission portals, event websites, portable proceedings media, hybrid and online events.

So whatever your need, turn to us first so that we can assist you in deploying technology that will truly enhance your event experience.