Innovative ‘e-Experience’ solution for your posters

June 13, 2020

What is it?

Posters play a major part in any research and teaching summit and professional event, providing a great way to expose colleagues to the latest research findings and progress in their specialty field. They encourage knowledge-sharing and promote each other to innovate and reach new discoveries. But this important interaction is limited to a short and excessively packed event.

Why use it?

A key advantage of using the e-Poster platform via our event apps is the ability to view all posters electronically via mobile devices, LCD screens and kiosks. Presenters can present to an audience in front of LCD screens or e-Posters can be stand-alone in order to allow particpants to search, rate and comment on posters of their choice. This leads to the development of informative discussions and the exchange of ideas and knowledge across the board.

And on-site?

e-Posters can be a complementary solution to the “old-school” approach of printed posters but with the cost of printing spiraling upwards compared to continually cost reduction in technology alternatives the trend is go digital.

Printed Posters e-Posters LCD e-Poster Kiosk
Full size view of the poster V V V
Dynamic display of content V V
Incorporate animations and videos V V
Search for posters V V
Ability to collect relevant posters V V
Statistics and analysis V V
Interaction and on-site rating V V

Next time you organize a conference or an event, think differently… think e-Posters.