Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions Invisage

Interactive Sessions Invisage

An Interactive Sessions standalone App allows event organisers to enhance session engagement and allows speakers to poll the audience and encourage discussion, without needing a full blown event app.

This app is easy to deploy to attendees, who can register in-app or login with personalised login details. You also get the full features of Interactive Sessions in a simple-to-use embedded app.


  • Audience Polling
  • Live Discussion
  • Submitted Questions
  • Dedicated Audience Display Screen

Audience Polling

Audience Polling enables facilitators/speakers to pose questions to attendees in a session. These questions can either be pre-populated, created on-the-fly, or created from Live Discussion comments or Submitted Questions.

These questions can be created in a number of formats such as multiple choice, star rating and yes/no. Questions can be stored in the Audience Display Queue and asked at another time, or can be asked instantly.

Audience Polling questions and results can also be pushed to an Audience Display Screen and the attendee App, which both update in real time.

Live Discussion

Live Discussion can be used to create a social feed specific to a session. These comments appear in the event App in a discussion feed specifically for that session.

Comments from a discussion feed can be pushed to the Audience Display Screen and bookmarked for special action. Bookmarked comments can be sent to a speaker, the display screen, or turned into Audience Polling questions for the audience.

Speakers/moderators can also post to the Live Discussion feed. Posting as the ‘Moderator’, they can pose questions to the audience, and responses/comments can be added to the display queue to show on the display screen.

Submitted Questions

Submitted Questions allow attendees to submit their own questions they would like the speaker to address. All questions will be submitted to the moderator who can choose to bookmark relevant questions for later use. These questions can then be pushed to the Audience Display Screen and addressed by the facilitator/speaker or turned into an Audience Polling question for the audience.

Submitted Questions are a good option if you are wanting more control about what content is being shared/discussed amongst attendees.

Questions submitted by attendees can also be placed in an Upvote Queue. This allows fellow attendees to vote for the Submitted Questions they would most like the speaker to address. Upvoting is similar to a ‘like’ or ‘thumbs up’, indicating to the moderator/speaker which questions the attendees would most like answered.

Dedicated Audience Display Screen

The Audience Display Screen shows your Interactive Sessions on the ‘big screen’. Present questions to the audience, comments from attendees and graphs for question responses that update in real-time.

The Display Screen can also be used to show custom messages or a leaderboard for top performing Audience Polling participants. It can also be used as a holding screen between questions, where event sponsors could be promoted.