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Our vision to enhance the event experience by delivering creativity, leading-edge thinking, and a wealth of experience to meetings, conventions and trade-shows around the world.  Our objective is to connect people through supply of innovative and leading-edge event technology. 

The latest versions of our Mobile Event Apps®, Event Bridge™, Entegy App™, Event Link™ and Follow Me™, are smartphone applications that empower all event participants by placing live event information, in an easily accessible format, right in the palm of their hands.

Event Bridge App by Invisage

Event Bridge™ is a native event app container with all the features and functionality found in our Entegy App. Take advantage of native event app features, at a reduced cost, without the app store approval process.


Build loyalty, manage & promote your events, provide access to sessions, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, social networks, floor plans, local places and important event information. Our apps are white-labelled meaning you can configure the launch screen and dashboard to reflect your events brand.

Display all of your upcoming events and provide access to each events very own event app and watch your participants become engaged.

Entegy App

Impress with an exceptional first impression
The most flexible, adaptable, ever-changeable event app on the market for savvy event organisers and attendees expecting more. Superior in design customisation options, the intuitive user interface of our event apps will delight attendees with a seamless event experience.


  • Core (CMS) Create, control and analyse from a single point.
  • Event Apps. Impress with an exceptional first impression.
  • Attendee Connect. Engaging networking and gamification.
  • Interactive Sessions. Drive discussions with Polling and Q&A.
  • Lead Capture. Exhibitor lead generation using own devices.
  • Registration. Rapid registration with optional payment.
  • Attendance Tracking. Track, monitor, report and manage.
  • Kiosk Manager. Welcoming technology.


EventLink is the app for small conferences and trade shows that packs a big punch. Just because your event is smaller doesn't mean your app can't be big! With linked information on speakers and sessions, your attendees will love building an in-app schedule, taking notes, and rating their experience.


  • Interactive Personal Planner: Build a schedule with favorites and set reminders
  • Sponsorships: Monetize the app with multiple sponsorship placements
  • Contextual Help: Intuitive pop-up wizard provides app “how to” guidance
  • Complex Session Support: Multi-track, multi-type, sub sessions and more!
  • Session Handouts and Evaluations: Include collateral and customized surveys
  • Enhanced Exhibitor Listings: Navigate the exhibitor directory with optimized images
  • Social Media Integration: Includes Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more
  • Push Notifications/Targeted Alerts: Multiple options for messaging app users
  • Activity Feed: Stay up to date with popular and trending items
  • Networking: Connect, message, and schedule meetings with colleagues, all within the app
  • Admin Portal: Easy to use app management tool
  • Reporting: Robust stats portal provides all of the app analytics
  • Heroic Customer Care: Core-apps facilitates app build process and user technical support
  • Much more!


For larger events, FollowMe picks up where EventLink leaves off. Your exhibitors and attendees alike will be thrilled with our interactive trade show floor plan which allows users to tap any booth space to see exhibitor details, plan their intended route, create hit list, leave notes and schedule meetings with exhibitors.