Terms and Conditions

Acceptance and Confirmation
Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date stipulated on the estimate. If the estimate is to your satisfaction, 50% of the total is required upon placement of order with the balance of 50% plus extras due immediately on project completion. A signed acceptance and purchase order will allow us to schedule development and production of your project. If a deposit and acceptance and is not received by the required date Invisage reserve the right to withdraw from this agreement. International orders must be paid in full in $AUD as confirmation of your acceptance. Variations and alterations to the contracted project will be quoted and charged as they arise.

Artwork / Design Approval 
It is important that you proof read all artwork and production documents and indicate your final approval via written communication such as email, letter or fax so that final artwork preparation or production can commence. By providing written communication you agree to indemnify and save harmless Invisage from any and all liability, loss, or damage you or your clients may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs, or judgments against Invisage arising from any errors or omissions in the artwork or design being approved.

All design concepts, estimates, invoices and these terms and conditions are confidential and must not be shown to parties not directly related to this project without written agreement from Invisage.

Copyright and Title of Ownership
All native artwork, concepts, designs and graphic artwork created by Invisage are protected under copyright and are not to be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, storage in an information retrieval system, or otherwise without the prior written permission of Invisage under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 as amended. Payment of invoice does not constitute transfer of title of ownership; additional charges apply if you wish to transfer ownership.

Estimates and Purchase Orders
We will provide you with an estimate for every project so that an official purchase order can be raised. Projects cannot commence without a purchase order or signed acceptance. Our estimates will detail all associated costs and scheduled lead times for completion of your project.

Event Apps
Please refer to your individual licence agreement for all terms and conditions relating to the use of our Event Apps. If you do not have a licence agreement we are more than happy to prepare a proposal for you.

Event and Display Signage
All signage and graphics quotations are subject to cost review if print ready artwork is not received 15 days prior to the event build or delivery date. All signage must be approved for production no later than 10 working days prior to delivery. All artwork must be received in a usable format as per Invisage artwork specification sheet. Graphic design time will be charged at $150 per hour for any artwork modifications if print ready artwork is not received as per our guidelines or is not suitable or incomplete. All signage produced remain your property unless otherwise agreed to in writing, storage charges may apply. Please note that while every effort is taken to ensure that artwork is correct, Invisage does not take responsibility for errors and omissions once approval to print is given.

Exhibit Design Services
Invisage provide a trade exhibit design service. Our design concept service includes supply of one (1) preliminary concept and up to two (2) minor revisions to this concept prior to presenting to your client. Additional concepts, major and subsequent revisions will incur a minimum fee of $150 with an hourly fee of $150 being charged. Revisions requested by your client will also be charged additional.

Our design estimates are inclusive of all revisions on a ‘fair use policy’. Additional concepts, major revisions, and changes due to supply of incorrect information will be estimated and invoiced as required.

Concepts will be supplied as electronic artwork in PDF format. Native artwork files will not be supplied. Construction detailing, creation of props and graphic design does not form part of a design concept.

Existing Projects
Sometimes you may simply want to re-brand or edit existing artwork for a new purpose. A minimum fee of $210 will be charged per existing project with design time being estimated on an hourly basis. Rapid turnaround rates will be applied if required.

Finance Charges
Finance charges will be added to any outstanding balances overdue after 30 days from date of invoice at the rate of 5% per month.

Minimum Charge
A minimum design/ service fee of $525 will be charged per project estimate. This covers all administrative and design related costs. Should your project estimate fall below this minimum, we are happy provide additional services or we can group multiple projects together on the same estimate to meet this minimum fee. Grouped projects must be undertaken concurrently in order to avoid our minimum fee. If this is not possible they will be estimated as separate projects and invoiced accordingly.

Payment Terms, Planning and Production
Planning and Production Schedules will be developed in consultation with you as per project requirements. Our quotation does not take into account unforseen delays in the supply of information or late changes made by the client which may result in additional costs being incurred. If the delivery date can not be moved, late charges will be applied to cover necessary overtime costs.

Adequate lead times will greatly assist us in providing you with the highest level of professional service, quality and results. If final confirmation and acceptance is not received within the required lead time prior to the delivery date Invisage reserve the right to withdraw from this agreement or an additional 25% surcharge will apply on the invoiced amount.

Should fabricated projects require delivery, installation or dismantle outside of standard working hours (prior to 0600hrs or after 2000hrs) an additional early or late access fee will be charged. This fee is calculated at a rate of $45 per man per hour. This charge is calculated on the hours worked outside standard working hours.

Any additional requirements necessary for completion of work, not detailed within, will be charged accordingly and will be included on the final invoice.

Rapid Turnaround
For projects that you need in a hurry, outside of our standard lead times, we offer a rapid turnaround service. Rapid response during business hours will incur an additional 50% of the estimate value. Overnight Turnaround may be available in some cases and will be charged at an additional 100% of the estimate value.

We will ask you at the time of quoting when your project is required and will include any additional charges in our estimate to you. Should you have any questions relating to our rates or services please feel free to call any time.

Set Rates
Our design rates have been set, where possible, to assist you in budgeting for your events. We take pride in offering our services inclusive of artwork revisions so there are no surprises when you receive your final account.

Our set rate fee structure is based on deadlines set by Invisage for receipt of information. We understand the industry and our clients businesses and know that our deadlines may not always possible to meet for a variety of reasons. In these instances, any projects that do require quicker turnaround will simply be quoted first based on an hourly fee basis. We believe this is the fairest approach to take and will allow us to continue providing quality to all of our clients projects.

What is included in our set rates: With all documents designed under our set rate structure all revisions are included in our fee up to the point where the project is deemed to be complete.

Printed Publications. The deemed to be complete date for printed publications is the point where press ready artwork is prepared and/or supplied to the client or printer. All changes beyond this point including preparatrion of new press artwork will be invoiced at $125 per hour or part-thereof.

Electronic Publications/ websites, html newsletters etc. The deemed to be complete date for electronic documents is the point where the document is issued, in part or full, to the intended audience. This can be either via email, url link or posted on a website for the audience to access. All changes beyond this point will be invoiced at $125 per hour or part-thereof.

The above points remain true even if the document prepared is intended to be used at a later date, such as in a final program. The reason for this is that a preliminary program can be produced often 6 months prior to an event. If we are expected to update this on a regular basis once launched then we obviously need to be paid for this. There is a lot more work in updating a document every week than there is to make once final set of changes one week before the event (as in the final program).

Storage and Materials Handling
All purpose manufactured components and printed graphics become your property once paid in full. Packing and transport to your premises or storage facilities is not included unless detailed in the quotation. If you do not wish to keep these components they will be disposed of for you immediately after dismantle. If items are to be stored by Invisage this will be charged at $5 per cubic metre per week for a minimum period of six (6) months. Insurance is not included in the storage costs and is your responsibility.

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