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Our mission is to enhance your events by providing creative designs and tech tools to create meaningful connections.

It’s our vision to perfect the event experience by delivering creativity, leading-edge thinking, innovative tech solutions and a wealth of experience to meetings, conferences and trade shows around the world. Invisage have been providing creative and event technology services to the meetings and business events industry since 1993 and have a true passion for everything we do.

Our core services include graphic design, mobile event apps, event technology, digital marketing, website design and audience engagement. Our solutions are creative and innovative and have been developed to assist you and your participants to truly engage and get more from your events.

A Bit About Invisage

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Experienced, passionate and creative

Technology combined with social change has caused a revolution in the way we plan, execute and participate in meetings and events. It has also caused a great deal of confusion for event planners and participants alike. We are constantly faced with the challenge of deciding what technology to use, where to use it and how to maximise the benefits of its use. In addition to this we are also faced with a larger challenge which is understanding how the future generations will want to participate in events, how they will want to use technology and how we can embrace this social change and add value to every attendee, before, during and after the event.

While these may be our greatest challenges; they are also our greatest opportunities and this is where our consulting service can assist you.

Our promise to our clients is to research, review and deliver the most cutting edge mobile and cloud based event technologies. Our mission is to connect participants at your events. Being able to deliver the world’s most innovative technologies as part of our solutions is integral to our promise and our mission.

We have formed strong relationships with the world’s leading event technology vendors in order to deliver mobile event apps, association apps, live polling, Q&A, digital posters, abstracts, document submission portals, event websites, portable proceedings media, hybrid and online events.

Whatever your needs, turn to us first so we can assist you in developing creative and deploying technology that will truly enhance the event experience.

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